gals who read - book token FAQs

We're so excited to be able to offer our members a way to get even more out of our amazing community - if you have any questions please take a look below.  

What is the gals who read book token?

The book token is a Fan Pass® which acts as your digital key to unlock exclusive updates from the community as well as other benefits and rewards on the gals who website and with our partners. 

What is a Fan Pass?

The Fan Pass is a digital key that provides access to benefits and rewards, both online and in real life. This can be exclusive content, special offers, giveaways, events and much more.

How do I use the gals who read book token?

When you purchase your book token, you will associate it with an email address. When you visit a site that has book token offers available, you will be prompted to connect your book token using the email associated address. 

Will I receive a physical product?

The book token is a digital product so you won’t receive a physical item.

How long is the book token valid for? 

Your book token is valid for 1 year from the date it is claimed. Once expired, you will need to purchase a new one from the store to continue to receive benefits. 

Is a Fan Pass an NFT?

Yes, Fan Pass is a unique type of Utility NFT which uses the Polygon blockchain. Blockchain technology is highly secure meaning that only the owner of a Fan Pass can access its benefits.

Your Fan Pass is not intended to be traded and it is therefore not a speculative investment. 

What are the environmental impacts?

Fan Pass runs on the Polygon blockchain, a highly efficient system which is committed to sustainability.

One transaction on the Polygon blockchain requires around 0.00562 Wh, equivalent to 0.00217g CO2 footprint. Compare that to posting a tweet, which is estimated to have a footprint of 0.2g CO2.

Click here for more information on Polygon’s sustainability.

Can I trade or sell my book token?

No, it is not possible to trade or sell your book token.

Can I give my book token to someone else?

No, your book token cannot be transferred to another person.

Have I been added to a mailing list?

A key feature of the book token is that members will receive regular email updates regarding new offers available to them. By purchasing your book token, you agree to be contacted about it. You can unsubscribe at any time by following the link at the bottom of any email received.

Why are partner offers not available in my country? 

gals who read are working with partners to offer book token members special offers and discounts. Currently our partners are UK-based with some international shipping available but unfortunately are not able to ship worldwide. Please check the shipping details on a partner store before placing your order. 

Why can't I see a discount when I click on an eligible product?

Discounts are automatically applied after you connect your book token to a store. Make sure you have first connected your book token by going to the book token page and clicking 'Connect my Fan Pass'.